I started this blog when Joel, my husband set off for a week away leaving me with the children in the middle of the summer holidays with just £14.37 in our bank account – a fairly regular occurrance to be over our overdraft, I looked at the 14.37 figure and thought… what can I do with that? … um … write about it? I got some creative ideas via the help of facebook status and inspired by people who seem to have a much better attitude towards money but are not necessarily richer or poorer than we are I knew I could learn loads by blogging about it. I have started to blog my way out of debt….starting with 1 overdraft, to begin with, which had been stuck at 1500 D since 2000. I have made more progress on this in the last 2 weeks of blogging about it thanI ever have before!



I’m a creative type. I’m into whatever is next and whatever I can make that’s new and aesthetically exciting. I love being outside… flask of herbal tea, a muddy walk and my best friends with a billion children all in their welly boots is the best.

 I love Sheffield. I want to see the girls in Sheffield grow up knowing they are valuable, individual and worth respect so I work with teenage girls training and inspiring them to understand this a bit more than they might have done. I set up Golddigger Trust in 2005 to do just this… and hundreds of girls down the line I still love it and know its worth every minute.

My family are wonderful and make me laugh a lot- I’m a mama to three and wife to Joel.


    1. Ahh thank you – that is very nice to hear. Especially as my husband is a really talented writer and I feel very out of my depth with my terrible grammar and spelling. Thank goodness for those little red dotted lines that pop up to help us along! Your projects look great too – I need to get back into creative mode now I’m not 9 months pregnant so will be looking for lots of inspiration on your blog!


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