The Advent Calendar

Our favourite time of the year is approaching fast and I am pulling together the advent planner. I’ve lost track of how long ago we started with our activity advent planner… what I do know id the it proceeded Instagram as I got it early and I never caught our first couple years… and my children only ever had 1 chocolate calendar that I can remember. They love the activities though and despite having no time whatsoever some days of December they will not let us simplify it!

I’ve been through the family calendar with a fine tooth comb. I’m now playing that no one arranges anything new for any of us now until the new year or my plans will fall to pieces, and I’m getting the tags together for our pretty advent tree. Some years we’ve had all the activities wrapped up in parcels ready but last year we collected some sticks from the woods and I got Joel involved (he will help if it involves measuring as he gets so wound up with my ‘squint at it and take a good guess’ approach to DIY) and we just made this wall hanging with staggered lengths of sticks, some string, some of the more Christmassy Shleich animals, a few accessories, copper wire battery lights, a glue gun and a can of fake snow. Each of the tags has some wash tape on the bag and each day the children peel it away to reveal the clue to the activity that day. There are always repeats from year to year. They will complain that Christmas is not Christmas is we don’t make Rudolf cookies or go on a wintery walk with some yogurt raisins!

Advent Tree
DIY Advent Calendar

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