Entertaining the Preschooler.

As much as I sometimes feel I have met my match with the third child I produced (she knows her own mind more than anyone I think I’ve met) I also need to take a moment to acknowledge that she is amazing and a wonderful mini best mate to hang out with. Just a few moments ago while trying to create some sort of bizarre – back of the kitchen cupboards meal, she was right by my side asking what she could do to help. She’s happiest with a sweeping brush or a cloth to scrub the kitchen cupboards and I have to really work hard to get her playing with toys instead of getting stuck in with some chores.

I never have to fear when I ask her of an afternoon “What would you like to do today?” as I know it will be cheap/ amusing/highly useful. She’s never requested a soft play, or a toy shop in fact. These are the top activities of choice…

  1. Can we go to the park we’ve never been to and then we did go to? (about the least interesting park we have ever driven past)
  2. Can we go to the carwash?
  3. Can we go to the supermarket and have a look at the fish with eyes. (Yep, just to have a look at the dead selection at the fishmongers)
  4. Can we go to the flower shop?

This last one of these is my fave as there is nothing I enjoy more than a little walk hand in hand to pop into one of the local beautiful florists we have dotted around Sheffield. She loves to point at the pretty stems and choose a couple out of the buckets to carry home with a bit of foliage to share amongst the vases at home. Occasionally we choose a funny plant or a succulent and she loves learning their names and whenever she sees a flower will always check if it’s an anemone. Here’s to our fave little day out.


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