Starting a colourful little bathroom


Having finished most of the work on the house we’ve been busily getting on with our lives, blissfully using our new shiny ensuite and forgetting all about the building site that remains the old family bathroom which now belongs to the three most important people we are supposed to be looking after, our children, and which ever guests come to stay. It has been a half tiled-half floorboard mess and the house of random tools for about 4 months now but money has been really tight and we’ve been avoiding sorting it. Having realised that money will continue to be tight and the floor boards ore kind of uncomfortable and dangerous and it looks a state we’ve taken the plunge and ordered some tiles this week. That part of the job will be over to Joel and I shall busy myself arranging toiletries on the shelves and filling baskets with lush things.

I bought this pretty wire basket from Rice DK to keep towels in. (We now all have a towel colour so there should be no excuses for mix ups or anyone being without.) I then spent a nice evening painting stripes on these old ikea storage baskets I have grown to loathe over the past 12 years we’ve had them. I reckon I go the better deal as I sat in front of the TV deciding whether to do peach, mint then pink or peach, pink, purple, mint…while Joel could be heard shouting upstairs and dropping big things onto floorboards whilst attaching some disobedient shelves to the wall and stating that he categorically hates DIY. But I am pleased with both shelves and baskets and  it does feel good breathing some new life into things that are sitting around rather aimlessly and making them look pretty… and beats spending money we don’t have on baskets that cost a lot if I’d gone down the road of replacing them.

So next week the floor tiles arrive. A couple more shelves need to go in and then the biggest bathroom challenge is probably on the horizon as we probably need to think about the horrendous task of potty training. Because who doesn’t like wee all over new floors?


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