Advent Series Day 20: The Pantomime

300x200.fitandcropOh no we didn’t… Oh yes we really did. I’m not sure how it happened but for the first time since I was about 5 I sat through a panto. I don’t think I ever really liked them as a child. My uncle was a Dame in his local pantomimes so it was always strangely normal and maybe that made me miss some of the humour. However, my poor children have obvuisly been missing out and when my friends booked their annual trip last JANUARY and were all so excited I must have said yes and this became today’s activity. Well… to say my boy was poorly, he sure shouted his head off! He absolutely LOVED it! Its a pricey trip but I packed up free snacks and drinks and we didn’t buy a spinny plastic light up wand… I didn’t think there was really any need and thankfully they completely agreed!

They are still laughing at Dame Dolly in a bikini. I did laugh at lots of it actually… though my best friend was sat on the row behind and she said she could see me wince insome of the songs! She knows I can’t tolerate a bad or overly shouty note.


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