Advent Series Day 18: Thanksgiving

IMG_9959I love the idea of devoting a day to something as gracious as giving thanks. We don’t really do this in the UK – and Thanksgiving has just actually been and gone in November… which, for the purposes of my advent planning, is not everso helpful. Thank goodness for Wikapedia which tells me some of the first settlers used to celebrate thanksgiving on December 4th…and then forget all that because the plan to have this activity on the 4th needed changing… so it’s made its way to the 18th! We are taking our inspiration from the general theme though. No big feasts, no big get togethers or anything… today’s activity is just a simple act of saying thanks.

These cards made their way to the till in my hand in Paperchase. Things DO that in that shop don’t they??! We have one each and some of these little sparkles and words. I like to do this activity sometimes with printed words… it sometimes just helps that inspiration and the creativity to start to flow when faced with a blank page. The idea is you can frame a word you are drawn to with the rest of the sentence you choose to construct around it, or vise versa. So all that is needed is a few words, a thank you card, a glue stick and pens… and a thankful mindset of course.


The children wrote some truly lovely messages on theirs and did take advantage of the words to stick in. We’ve clipped them up onto the advent shelves… helping to make the empty spaces look more loved



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