Advent Series Day 17: Mince Pies


These were fun to make. Rather than go for the normal pastry types we thought we’d have a go at this type made with filo – (inspired by Rock My Style.) I always add a bit of edible glitter to a mince pie but love this idea of adding flaked almonds. Almonds on anything are good. Ours look a bt of a mess… but the filo parcels are much more fun to construct and are a bit less heavy to eat.

3 layers of filo square/ misshapen rectangles will do

Egg wash to glue the layers together a bit and for the top


Flaked Almonds

Food glitter

We didn’t blind bake the pastry – well, we did the first time but found it didnt need it and meant it couldn’t then shape into a parcel.

Photos to follow…


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