Advent Series Day 16: Lanterns


Since I’ve been using a few glass jars for the various advents along the way I’ve been putting these aside after the day to save up for this activity today. Inside their parcel was a glass jar containing a snowflake cutter, a tea light and some table scatter. Using decopatch glue we splodged some, er, splodges onto the glass and stuck the snowflakes we made and a few little bits of sparkle and sequins around them. I wanted pretty lanters that were on theme with our white and silver dining room so that I wouldn’t feel the need to hide them for the rest of our lives… so this plan worked well as I only supplied them with things that would work well! This was a nice activity to do after their nativity play this afternoon. They were worn out and that school hall was so hot. It was exactly what we needed to grab a snack and sit gluing for a bit. I let Holly light the tea lights and we set them up along the big table for dinner. When daddy got home we enjoyed our candlelit spaghetti bolognese. These are looking pretty now on the shelves filling the gaps left by the diminishing advent calendar!

Also… how cheap?!!! (very very)



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