Advent Series Day 14: Wonderland

Image 3Chatsworth is one of our most favourite places. Each Christmas the house is ‘dressed’ for Christmas… through this huge stately home (actually filmed as Pemberly in Pride and Prejudice) takes on a theme each year and someones amazing and stressful job is to decorate the grand rooms with an absolute tonne of decorations.

This years theme is Alice In Wonderland. I’ve thrown an Alice Party before… so I was eager to see all the ideas… I’m sure decorating my little house was a million times easier… but I was excited to see they’d used exactly the same fake rose bushes in the main dining room for the croquet scene with the red queen as I’d used around our party table. I think they had about 40… and I had just 2 (but I did half paint mine red)

I do adore the creativity in Chatsworth House… but even more I love the gardens. We spend days and days in the summer by the cascades, wandering through the plants along the lesser known paths, and boys v girls races in the maze. There’s nothing I love more than packing the boot with all our wellies, towels, spare clothes and picnics and being there rain, snow or shine (more often the first 2 in England)

This afternoon we spent some time in the playground and farm. It was time Niema met a horse, a couple of goats, donkeys chickens and a cow. She liked the donkeys. They’re my favorite too.

Lovely time spent in the fresh air… and with the white rabbit and lots of playing cards in wonderland… with my favorite 4 people.

Image 2

Image 7 Image 6 Image 5 Image 4


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