Advent Series Day 13: Gingerbread House

  IMG_0297Every year I feel obliged to make one of these and every year its flipping annoying!! I would like to tell you the ‘snow’ is a big mess because I let the kids do it. It wasn’t… It was me…and yet again I reached the point of shouting for Joel to HELP!! while covered in royal icing and a falling down house and telling (read ‘yelling at’) the kids to keep back and stop asking me why its falling apart.

Anyway… Holly made the gingerbread from scratch so it was worth persevering with and it is now, finally, held together. We stuck to a fairly tame colour scheme this year. Little flowers around the front of the house. Marshmallow on the snowy roof (they limited it to the white ones only) and bright smartie ‘fairy lights’. Now this sits on the table for a week or two before we break it apart and stuff it into January’s packed lunches.

Not the very best activity to have scheduled in for an afternoon of girls extra dancing, followed by the boys drama school performance in Frozen, followed by their grandad’s carol concert… such activities that need you to calmly hold onto biscuit without moving for 45 mins are better saved for days when you have far less to do perhaps?!




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