Snowflake Fairy Cakes

IMG_0278The children have their class parties coming up next week. On their tables they organise the list of foods and decorations they need. I remember doing this at primary school too – I’d go a bit crazy bringing in table cloths and fake trees and candles to put all over the tables… just to eat a couple of traingle sandwiches and a custard cream while listening to jingle bells for half an hour in the afternoon. So today he came home with his form. We have been chosen to provide cupcakes. Elijah said they’d decided I was the best at baking. I think he may have swung it so that he might get some cupcake leftovers instead of cherry tomatoes.

So I’d seen a friends facebook saying these little cutters were the just a bit fab from ebay for £1.42. They really are! 3 sizes of snowflakes, push them into your rolled out icing, push thee errr… pusher and out they pop. They’re all over ebay and all about £1.50 delivered from China. Took a week or two but I ordered in good time to use them for our decorating the Christmas Cake day and, it seems, in good time to respond to an emergency cupcake request.

IMG_0289Well in honour of a few of Elijah’s class doing a performance of Frozen this weekend I thought I’d go a bit blue and purple and I quite like these. I only had green polka dot cases and once I’d decorated them Elsa-ish I couldn’t bare the green with it so I took them out the cases. I know they’re only for a school party but aesthetic nightmare… I could not …’let it go’. 🙂

I’d really not planned baby no 3 to have a Frozen theme in the next 10 year party plan but ooh with these and all my Christmas paper snowflakes I do have a fair bit of the set up already. It’s a bit too mainstream for my liking but maybe in 8/9 years it might be retro enough to revisit?!

IMG_0286 IMG_0285 IMG_0284 IMG_0283IMG_0276


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