Advent Series Day 9: The Snowglobe

IMG_9969IMG_0144I’ve seen this idea around a lot on pinterest and then Elijah saw one in his Lego magazine about 6 months ago. Aparently he asked me if we could make one and I’d said ‘maybe at advent’. He’s remembered that and every day so far in advent he’s been looking forward to making the snowglobe day. Glad I remembered!

This one took a bit of prep. The base isn’t very visible but I didn’t want a peanut butter lid showing so I painted it with some annie sloan original white – I think it is called pure. I picked up a penguin…and a polar bear from ELC – they sell these great Schleich animals. It was good to go into the actual shop to see them. I’d looked online but all the ones I would have ordered were far too big for a small jar- it helps to see how they will fit inside. Because the jar is upside down the animals feet will dissapear below the visible area so I made a bit of a ‘stand’ for them – when the kids were doing some plaster of paris I used a bit to make 2 little ‘hills’ using a chocolate mold. I glued these down and painted the base in annie sloan, attempting to make it look like a snowy hill?! This was all done before so that today so that all was left to do was glueing the animals on (we used a glue gun) and filling the water and sprinkles in… (which is where it all went wrong!)

So accoring to pinterest… I needed a jar, glitter, animals, glue, water and gylcerin.

I had 2 jars, plaster of paris hills, paint, glitter, sequin confetti, little stars and snowflakes, silvery thread just to get even more creative (to chop up small and have flecks floating round),  animals… and water.

So mine should be super, right?

So we poured all the bits in… all excited… and they scuttled down to the bottom and grabbed onto each other in a big hug. We shook it around a bit and they didn’t let go! …and then I realised that the glycerin I’d ignored because I didn’t really know what that was was perhaps a bit important afterall. Ahh well… I didn’t have any now… so I improvised. OLIVE OIL does EVERYTHING!! If it was sticky pasta that would do the trick…so in it went. Shake, shake, shake. Nope. 😦

So I decided to google this gylcerin dude. Turns out its something you use in soap making. Well I have soap! So, against Joel’s advice i reached for the Carex rather than the bar of soap. I figured that a sqeeze of hand soap was easier to get into the jar than a rub of a bar of soap. Shake, shake, shake… and the glitter relaxed and spread out a bit (yay)…. amongst the murky, yellowy, greeny, frothy water I’d made. We put the lids on tightly and watched as the little polar bears face peered sadly through his new little mucky window as if to say “Let me out!”

Ahhh we did have a good giggle. They looked hysterical. And not at all pretty!

IMG_0264I need to order me some glycerine.



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