Advent Series Day 8: Letters To Father Christmas


I don’t know about most children but from late July onwards we have several drafts of the Christmas list being made. Usually after they’ve just been at someone else’s house to play, or been to the shops and lost the pestering battle. It may start early but at least that helps me to plan and start my shopping.

Today we hardly had any time so this was a good activity to schedule in for today and I don’t like us to spend too long on these… the essence is fairly selfish. I focus my input on how polite they are to Father Christmas and checking they are saying niceties as well as just listing stuff they want. It’s a good chance to chat through their attitudes come to think of it… and this is the official list -the final edit – this one goes in the actual post to the actual elves.

So I printed off the headers for these. I did a very quick design in photoshop. I see little point in spending a fortune on those packs of Santa letter writing kit…but I do like them being themed to keep focused. On other years I’ve given them stickers and pens for them to colour and customise a plain sheet though.

Both my children have specifically requested no satsumas in their stocking. Controversial.


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