Advent Series Day 11: Disco

IMG_0155I’m not sure if I’ve made a terrible parenting error around todays activity. I was so consumed with every day being a surprise that I lied to my children telling them that we couldn’t go to their school Christmas disco…and this ended with a sad 10 year old girl going to bed almost in tears. She’d been invited to her friends house to get ready and it was her last one before she leaves for secondary school. Last year we had to miss it for swimming lessons… she could not believe that she might have to miss it again. But no, I made her cry… all so that I could wait for her to wake up and then she coud open a parcel and find out she could go afterall. I am mean! And I lied!! But thankfully she loves me and laughed about it… and was delighted. And then incredibly stressed because she had not packed ALL HER STUFF to go to her friends. But I had a plan.

Holly’s not really into clothes but she feels she should be. She doesnt want to wear make up – but lots of the girls do – and I don’t want her to – she is 10. Every disco or party she will pick out one of her gorgeous dresses. I am a bit of a magpie for ingenue floaty boho type girls clothes. They suit her. They suit her style…but for discos?? I do love the cool factor of the school discos. I love it when some of the boys come in with a green mocican, and some kid always pulls out a fedora. The girls tend to be in their best jeans and a sparkly tops. I told Holly I was going to pick her out an outfit today from the shops and I’d bring her bag to the end of school with ALL HER STUFF (meaning nail varnish) so she was super excited. She was desperate for some new jeans anyway as she’s very rudely just grown out of all her old ones… so a good push for me to get her some.

So I snapped them up the little outfits below. I thought Elijah would have fun wearing a cap and holly needed one for her dance lessons so they can share this. Every T shirt is long sleeved at the moment but they get so hot at school so I chopped the sleeves off this Next Ho Ho Ho T-shirt and sewed them folded up. I mixed in a little of a Barry M glitter pot with a pink vaseline tin I have and gave her that to put a little bit of sparkle just under her eyes and on the corner of her eyebrows – I don’t mind a bit of festive sparkle- and I believe it looks better on a 10 year old than mascara – which just scares me.

They loved their clothes. They looked fab. Elijah wore hos with his jeans with red and blue braces and red converse. We went to my work do after and he was happy to tell everyone how cool he looked. Holly wore hers with her new faded jeggings and sparkly party shoes. This shiny headband is one I’m planning to share with her and this gorgeous necklace is from Coral and Cloud (the lovely Miko picked me for a giveaway – I love this so much)

IMG_0292 IMG_0295

Of course every single one of the other y6 girls was in a pretty floaty dress… Holly was the only one in jeans… but she looked v cool and she was happy. She gets to dress up as an angel for the Christmas show next week so she has the perfect 7 things to choose from for that.

Elijah told me he had a little practice of ‘Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Lettuce and Tomato’ (to the Macarenna tune??) when he’d got changed. Love it.


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