Christmas Sparkles

Antlers and Snowflakes

It may be a taking a little longer than usual to get our house all decorated for Christmas…little tiny demanding person around and all… but it’s certainly extra exciting to have those little eyes wide at every shiny bauble and twinkly light. She just loves looking up high and seeing all the decorations.

My best Christmas buy this year has to be these amazing paper snowflakes. I know, I know… they are free to make yourself… but these are so pretty. We filled the kitchen with homemade ones last year and after a few weeks above the table they did start to curl up and look a bit worse for wears. These are so pretty and amazingly came through the post from the Paper Snowflake Company in an a4 sized box… even the 50cm ones fold down and in half… so storage is just amazing.

The advent calendars are starting to dissapear now… as the days get less and less I’m having to find new things to fill the spaces they leave behind. The little Sonny Angels that have been inside some of these candy bag parcels are making nice little friends to keep the shelves busy!

Sonny Angels and Advent Calendar
Christmas Tree
Snowflakes in the window
Snowflake in the window


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