Advent Series Day 7: Christmas Cards

IMG_0156Ahhhh the class Christmas cards… these can be torture for a child or an absolute joy. I have list maker children so they do tend to love it but wrapping it up as an activity parcel does still help. I found a video of Elijah on my computer writing his Christmas card to his ‘true love’ in reception. He saves hers until last and is so brilliantly giggly and excited to write her name in a card. I love him so much!

So we are now sitting with 120 cards, a big tub of chocolate coins and a big jar of gel pens. It’s certainly time for some Bing Crosby too.

IMG_9955I’ve planned ahead with the coins too. Last year I made the error of offering a few i had left over from something else and gave Holly just enough to give to the girls in her class. There was outrage. This time I’ve filtered through and everyone is getting a silver one of the SAME size too. No outrage in Dec 2014 please!

IMG_0197We do occasionally make our own cards but haven’t done so this year. These were in the sale at paperchase last January. I order a load of paper, cards and christmassy bits for advent in then label them all in a box in the loft. Then write a list of what I’ve put in the loft in my diary… in October… Otherwise I end up buying it all again when Christmas arrives in the shops. These cards were so cheap it meant I could get plenty so they can just write them to everone at school, dancing, church and drama without having to miss people out.

Nearly all ready for the Christmas post box delivery!


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