Advent Series Day 5: Movie and Popcorn Night

IMG_0159We have a popcorn maker. It heats up the corn, sends it shooting out the top and when you catch it you have amazing healthy, no oil popcorn. That makes it perfectly ok to heat up a little coconut oil coat it lightly and add cinnamon. Still perfectly healthy (according to coconut oil fans).

Its a Friday night and post the school week and H’s friday night dancing it just feels the right thing to do to spend this wintery December evening, once everyone is finally in, on the sofa being all things cosy and watching the first of the Christmas movies.

Normally we ALWAYS ALWAYS watch the Snowman. It is the best film in the world to bring in Christmas. And then at some point we have to watch Santa Claus the Movie and or Miracle on 34th Street. However this year we’re taking a break from both 😦 They are a little fed up of Santa Claus… and I HAVE TO start next year with The Snowman for Niema for at least the next 10 years… so I’ve picked a film we’ve never seen instead. Tonight we will be snuggling on the sofa, onesies on, healthy popcorn in the hugest bowl… and The Grinch. IMG_0107



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