Advent Series Day 4: Christmas Shopping

IMG_9987This is the one they have been pestering about. I wrap up a couple of £10 notes and we all go off to the shops together as a family. There we split off and one will come with me, the other with Joel and off we go to buy secret gifts.

We started this eve by going out for tea and planned our routes as we ate. Now the children are getting older they are starting to want to put a bit of their own money in so its a good activity for tinking about budgets, priorities and generosity. We’ve given them a set amount so they could stick to using that, but they are welcome to use their own money to add in and get a better gift… something they’ve very much initiated. In the end I think Joel and I have ended up putting in quite a bit more just to be able for them to afford the things they wanted to get for us.

Lovely evening had by all. I love how simple this shopping trip is. In just over 2 hours we’ve had tea and finished our Christmas shopping… they know not of the months of planning and spreadsheets involved in actually planning a family Christmas!

Obviously our purchases are top secret… the wrapping is saved for another days activities… and it is that day I will make sure they understand it is not ok for daddy to leave mummies present in its carrier bag with no fancy ribbons!




    1. Thank you so much April. I’ve not blogged about it yet but my kids have started their own little advent series for me… they love doing this so much every year that when I went away on the last weekend of November they got creative and have a little envelope for me each day too! Its so lovely. X

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