Advent Series Day 3: 3D Letters

IMG_0154I’ve been so excited about todays activities. We have many picture rails around the house which I started to clear of their summery cheery artwork, postcards, photos etc early November in preparation for some more festive decoration. I came across Mr Printables which is an amazing resource of a blog with tonnes and tonnes of free downloads, craft ideas and inspiration. It’s perfect for those of us who are not quite satisfied with an A4 colouring sheet when you can create a huge colouring wall instead…or these fab 3D letters…

I stocked up recently on card from Craft Creations who have such a brilliantly wide selection and found this stunning polka dot card in gold and silver foil, glittery card and loads of different colours so that we can mix things around a bit. I’ve a few ideas of words that might be good for different shelves but have tried to hold off doing all the deciding before I let the children get involved. I don’t think I’ll tolerate a Minecraft sign in the hallway but I should give them a chance to make some suggestions and then we’ll get printing!

So today we had a go… in the end the day was chaos so I’m glad the children thought JOY would be appropriate… I needed some more of that in my day and it’s also nice and short. The glittery paper was everso fiddly but the letters were fun to make. I had to score them for them and help by lending my patience to hold them while they stuck but otherwise the children got on and did these.

Image 1

We’ve made a start on some letters to spell out CHRISTMAS in the lounge but that may take some time… maybe I should start now for Easter!


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