Advent Series Day 1: The Christmas Tree

December 1st! Christmas Tree Day!

IMG_0052Mondays are not a good day for our family to spend any time together. The kids are free after school but Joel gets in around 6 and then has to leave at 6.45 to go to job no 2… giving us a grand total of 45 mins together for dinner, catching up and ‘please just hold the baby so I can go and serve up dinner/wash up the milk bottles/microwave my cold cup of tea’ time. However it is the first of December and therefore a Christmas tree is utterly important and somehow we will fit it in!

I wanted today’s parcel to be a little more fun and I’ve recently realised that having 3 children means you can make full use of the 3 for 2 offers out there… so picked up these 3 fun little Christmas baubles from paperchase. Niema can’t hold hers for too long or she does pull the top off… but ooooh her little face watching the sequin confetti inside when we were in the shop!!! I think she’s going to really love a Christmas tree full of sparkles! So these are wrapped up, one for each child, with a tag for our tree trip to go and choose our real tree. A night of Christmas music and decorating is ahead 🙂

I use a happy face there… I do need to remember that last year we had a full family fallout over choosing the tree. I got my way even though Joel said it would drop and Elijah said it was too prickly and refused to look at it. I was pregnant and it WAS the most important thing in the world. The shape was perfect and the colour… and it was the perfect height… but it hurt us all, it dropped its pins. They were right and I was wrong. No family fights over the tree today… we have less than 45 mins to make the decision.



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