The Advent Calendar (No. 1)


It’s that time of year again when I go a little Advent crazy. Last year the children had seven calendars. Yes SEVEN… and not one of them was a cardboard supermarket type one with chocolates behind the doors. I’m just not in to having Spongebob displayed anywhere for 24 whole days. Not when you can fill the house with pegs, felt snowmen, envelopes tied to branches, parcels in treasure chests and an entire Accessorize ex window display of 24 little cardboard houses instead.

This year I’ve kept some back in the loft. We’re going to try to stick to 2 … and just maybe an advent candle as well as I’ve noticed some very pretty ones at Chatsworth and I’m not sure I’ll resist them next time I go.

In the hope of remaining sugar free, or at least sugar-super-restricted the children are completely confused as to how we will actually DO this advent calandar that is set to replace their lovely snowmen ones with 24 little pockets which I normally fill with chocolate coins, mini santas and boxes of rasins.

This is what I have made instead. Now that there are 3 children it felt right to make a change and instead of the pockets I have constructed this with bakers twine, mini bulldog clips, washi tape, stickers and some stripy grey candy bags. I’ve recycled last years advent parcel tags which I just made from brown tags from ebay and number stamps. I’m more than happy to have this in the centre of our dining area wall… I’ve thought ahead and the colours will match our table and the big giant snowflakes. Its prettier than Spongebob too, yeah? (Sorry, I do love Spongebob but he’s so yellow!)


IMG_0024 IMG_0022

Inside the parcels I’ve mixed things up a little. Some contain 3 sets of stickers, a few do have contraband chocolate coins, there are a few Sonny Angels to share but most contain a few real coins. The children love getting a little pocket money and this is a nice way to add to that. Some days it may be a 5p each and others a £1 coin each. Its a nice way to have Niema involved… she will be opening a money box on Christmas Day so she will need some pennies to start off her little collection.

Ohhhhhhh…. 10 whole more sleeps to go!!!


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