Sugar- free, Dairy-free Chocolate ‘Milk’shake (ideal for campfires and treks up mountains)

IMG_9299Before I start, my disclaimer for those in a totally sugar free life style – this does contain 1 teeny-little banana. It could probably even be omitted. It just so happened that the starting point for this blendathon was that I was on ‘using-up mode’ and there was a sad little banana that us frucotse-avoiders have been ignoring. It was organic and fairtrade though – so it lived a happy life. Also, that’s about 6 or 7 teaspoons of sugar which streches out to 4 portions – so less than 2tsp sugar each. #betterthanacokestill

I haven’t done the maths on this one yet but I THINK its not the scariest fat-fest ever either… but it does taste it. My measurements are also a little haphazard – meaning you can probably chuck in as much as you want.


I’ve used;

  • 1 banana
  • 400ml (ish) Coconut Water. (I like Jax for a nice and no-added-nasties version. I get it from Ocado/Amazon)
  • 2 desert spoon scoops of peanut butter (love this Meridian stuff for being 100% what it says it is and no palm oil)
  • 2 desert spoon scoops of raw cacao powder (I use Sevenhills organic from amazon -actually full of the antioxidents people who love chocolate try to convince us are in a dairy milk…but they really aren’t. Soz)
  • 1 teaspoon tahini (I’ll say optional as I think this one just sank to the bottom. It didn’t want to mingle and get to know the rest of the foodies so it stuck in its clump, like only tahini can do, and all ended up in the boys drink)
  • Generous teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 2-3 generous desert spoons (we dont have a tablespoon in the house) of chia seeds

Personally, this is waaaaaaay sweet enough for me (and also was fine for the husband/2 sweetaholic children…) the peanut butter, banana and coconut water are naurally sweet enough of a taste to balance the bitterness of the chocolate and you could add more cinnamon (or cheat with which ever syrup is on your allowed list…but try it first without… I really dont think it needs it). 

Wack it all in the blender and then leave for a few mins for the chai seeds to do their thing. They thicken it up nicely and give the impression that its extra thick with chocolate and peanut butter when it’s actually mainly chai and coconut water. Protein party.

Serve on a saturday before a big muddy walk.




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