DIY box shelves


We’ve just moved things around in such a manner that we’ve ended up putting the children’s school desks in the den under the stairs (very Harry Potter… well, that was our selling point anyway). It’s one of those under stairs funny triangle shaped walls which is notoriously difficult to do anything with. We don’t so much need storage space there but I did feel that if they were going to be sitting at the desks there for any length of time then there ought to be something at least a little inspiring to look at.

IMG_9273I found these wooden boxes on Amazon. Desrcibed as ‘decopatch boxes’ the dimensions seemed perfect for a bigger project than that (32cm by 22cm inside) and I ordered up 5 for the grand old price of £22 – for all 5! They are lovely quality and just come in a smooth but untreated pine. We hopped off to B&Q for some tester pots and spent £4 on 5 different bright colours. I was going to get some of the Annie Sloan pots which come in very beautiful shades but we took a vote and the kids wanted bright… and actually, in this case I think that’s right for where they were going. I did a mix of some boxes all in one colour and on a couple I did either the outside or the inside with some leftover Annie Sloan ‘Paris Grey’ teamed with one of the bright shades. Once dry we raided the wrapping paper supply and found the map paper and went off to the shops with a sample of the 5 shades to choose some other paper to line the insides. I glued the boxes into the shape and design we wanted and then Joel has fixed them to the wall by drilling through the back of each one. The lining paper was fixed in after this job in order to cover over the screws. I used a glue gun to attach a couple of these bulldog clips so that they can hang cards, notes, photos too. Hopefully we’ve created a nice little creative station for them… for aproximately £35.


IMG_9266 IMG_9265 IMG_9263 IMG_9262 IMG_9260 IMG_9256 IMG_9254 IMG_9253IMG_9288 IMG_9285 IMG_9283 IMG_9280 IMG_9279 IMG_9278 IMG_9277 IMG_9274



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