This is me…


Well ANYONE who has seen me lately will know this dungaree/ playsuit well. I feel I need to publically thank Zara for providing this item to a tired new mummy. I was almost gutted that these are now in the sale. I can’t bear seeing a saving I have missed out on…. but for the £25 full price I paid 3 days after giving birth – I have been able to;

1. Manage to get dressed in the dark – (you can’t get this outfit wrong)

2. Found something I can feed in 3. Hide a very stubborn tummy that does not want to give up its pregnant shape any time soon

4. Wear pastels when I feel very fat

5. Wear shorts so very easily during a hot summer.

I actually love these.

There was a time I vowed never to shop at Zara again. All is forgiven.


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