Quitting Sugar


After finding how many posts I’ve already written about quitting sugar I’m actually suprised at myself for not having actually done it yet. Last week was holiday week. Our family spent a lovely week in the beautiful surroundings of Norfolk. I could hardly believe we were still in the UK… so pretty and so very very hot! However, long gone are the days I will choose a holiday novel. I used to love going to a big WH Smiths as part of my packing process and chooing a book (by its cover). The combination of 2 chatty children, a baby, having the attention span of a goldfish and being dyslexic mean a novel is unlikey to happen so the last few holidays I’ve been content to read through at least a Vogue and a Grazia cover to cover – maybe twice if I’m lucky. As I came home from holiday with a Dior shopping list (thanks to said Vogue) I decided to take the Sarah Wilson books which have been sitting on my kitchen shelves in order to make me appear healthy and actually get them read. I also went armed with a note book for meal plans and my laptop for tesco.com -the aim being to get my life in order and have everything delivered the day we arrived home. (Some like to go on holiday to switch off from duties at home. I seem to thrive off planning what I will do when I get back and then once I’ve done that I just want to be home organising shelves.)

Well, the I Quit Sugar books are truly a compelling read. I loved them. I read them twice… some sections 5 times. I posted some of the quotes on my facebook and generated her a few more amazon orders too. The recipes look easy. I love how a few ingredients make a whole new world of food. The ethos makes so much sense. It all lines up with the advice I was given from such a wonderful nutritionist (Rosie’s blog is amazing) and it is so motivating. It even made me upset and so angry. We have such little tolerance for drug addiction and yet this substance -which we force and manipulate our own children with – is (thought to be) more addictive, more harmful and the cause of more deaths per year. Well, on the basis that I’m not happy about being addicted to anything I am certainly in favour of giving it a go. And after the headaches Joel and I have had over the past few days -sans sucre – I guess we’ve been duped fairly badly by this naughty white powder.

So we are in the very early days. I’ve made a few simple steps so far and stocked up huge great Kilner jars with good ingredients. I’ll write about these in another post. Refined sugar is already gone and we are cutting our intake of high fructose fruits. I’m quite up for trying the 8 week plan… I fully expect to look like Miss Wilson does here though with her extra green box of veg and glossy hair. If I do not look this glowing and healthy I may go crazy and drown my sorrows with a 10p bag of starmix.  


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