Welcome to the world Niema


Ahhhhhh… she is finally here! 42 weeks of being pregnant and for 2 of those weeks we have been very cross indeed that she preferred squashing down on my pelvis instead of hanging out with us letting us see her gorgeous little face. All is forgiven now… ish (daddy is still a bit cross about her birth… as I’ll explain) but she is here and we are very much in love!

The last 2 weeks were really hard work. Having had a baby who as born the day after the due date I was not expecting the 3rd would be late at all – let alone 2 weeks and all set for induction. Week 41 was spent complaining and googling reasons why my body would not go into labor. I found through doing that that there are probably some ‘hormonal ridiculousnesses’ that can be associated with overdue pregnant ladies. I found some of the angriest, most upset and melodramatic posts on numerous different forums from ladies from 38 weeks onwards. It made me realise that it was just me going irrationally crazy, it was quite silly and that I should get a grip and get some perspective…2 weeks late is not a big deal and I should ignore all the text messages and people asking me why I was still here and what I should be eating and doing to make her come out. Everyone who’s ever had a baby, or knows someone who has ever had a baby has some story about how they ate a piece of pineapple after a long walk and then sat on a birthing ball and out it came – well that is all lovely – but not helpful really. The second week I kept busy at Holly and Elijah’s school and kept my sights on the induction booked for Thursday. Easter egg competitions, sports day, parents evening school trips on coaches to Yorvick etc kept it ridiculously busy that there was really no time to fit a birth in anyway and we got to Thursday. 

I knew she would come out quick. The midwife who welcomed me at my induction didn’t win me over by telling me to forget I was having a baby and settle in… ‘You might be here for 5 days” wasn’t the right thing to say to me. The pessary went in at 2.30pm and I got myself ready for the long night ahead. How completely boring to be sat on a hospital ward with lots of other bored overdue ladies. Joel and I watched the hobbit (just out on DVD in time) then he had to leave as visiting hours were over. He’d downloaded me 7 and 8 of Sewing Bee so I got ready for bed and watched Sewing Bee 7 and then put my head down to go to sleep. I was told I may expect some tightenings – like contractions but would just be the pessary starting to move things around. I woke up at 12 as they were starting to get a little more uncomfortable. My midwife had said if they got bad to ask for some paracetamol so at this point I buzzed and asked for those. By 1am they’d still not arrived and I was quite uncomfortable now so I buzzed again (not something I like to have to do) and asked again. At 1.30 I was biting down on my thumb to handle the pain and they still hadn’t arrived. This time I was more assertive and demanded my painkillers. Beng told they would probably take an hour to kick in and working out that would be at least another 12 of these pains, I said I thought that I was in for a painful hour and was there anything else, like gas and air, I could take in the meantime?! She said that gas and air would then be ineffective if I needed to take it when I was actually in labor (maybe tomorrow) so instead the best she could offer me was a cup of tea. Well everything is slightly better with a cup of tea so I took her up on the offer. At 2am she offered to examine me to see if the pessary was doing anything even though we should really wait until 2pm the next day and on doing so she told me I was actually 4cm dilated and was allowed gas and air now as I was actually in labor. I cried and asked if that meant I could have my husband back in now and called him at 2.05. She went off to sort me a labor room. Yay! Well 2.15 my waters went and I knew a baby was about to come out. JUST managing to find the buzzer I was able to shout a nurse who asked me if I thought I could walk down to labor ward – I said “No. I can’t move and I’m about to push” and in the next 3 minutes there was a lot of stress vibes buzzing around me as the only ward midwife tried to evacuate the poor 3 sleeping ladies on my ward with their pessaries in, locate a birthing pack from a dusty cupboard somewhere and remain calm when they really weren’t. 3 pushes on from my waters and she was out! 2.21am on Friday 11th April. Amazing!!  It was so strange. All pregnancy I’d been anticipating the nerve wracking few moments after birth where your baby is whisked away onto be checked, weighed and the moment you wait for the cry. This didn’t happen – well, thank goodness, the cry did – but there was no place like that to take her to so she just got handed to me to cuddle, check, see if she was indeed my little girl. She was 🙂 And she was perfect.

Then I realised my poor Joel had no idea and he’d missed it! He would have gone to find me on labor ward anyway if he had got here in that 15 minutes. I called him. He’d just pulled up outside. I had to say “I’ve done it! She’s already here!” He was gutted to have missed it but also so relieved for me that it was over. He knew how nervous I had been. I do feel so bad though – to miss such an amazing moment when he cares so much about his babies. I think he felt bad for me as well that I’d had to do labor on my own, biting on my own hand to keep quiet and not wake the other ladies and coping with paracetamol and a cup of tea! 

But wow. Meeting that little person. That little wriggly thing that has been inside your tummy all that time who you can only stroke through your skin and try to work out which bits are which. She was just how I imagined her and it is the most amazing feeling that words just can’t describe. Niema Rose Ivy is here now and its taken 4 days to write this blog because we are all just too busy looking at her. (and not sleeping, constantly washing, feeding etc!) I’m besotted and looking forward to many more posts she inspires me to write as I go through a new journey with a brand new little person as well as the very precious other two I have been blessed with. Being a Mummy rocks.


Need a spare night to watch Sewing Bee 8 now though.


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