35 weeks…

Ooops about the abrupt finish to my advent blogging at day 9. I think I ran out of enthusiasm to write paragraphs about paper chains/ cookies/ days out – they are all so self explanatory but they all exist on my instagram @mandytoombs – I shall be using them for reference this coming Christmas as I tackle advent with a new 9 month old in my life!

I’ve not enjoyed the beginning of this pregnancy all that much. I was so preoccupied with worry and the whole prospect of maternity leave bringing in 1/4 of our monthly bills has just meant that I’ve not been able to buy anything and making rubbish decisions like value pasta or value rice for tea has not been fun and has not inspired me to blog. I know, because when I read back on my diary around new year time, it was such a stressful time.

Thankfully we are out of some very dark woods when Joel was not working and we had such inconsistent income. We’re not exactly comfortable yet and things are still tight – but the good news is that as my maternity leave approaches fast, he has a stable income and I can finally relax (a bit) and get back into what I enjoy… spending decisions!

I’m enjoying doing a bit of shopping at the moment, both for the children and the new one… due in 5 weeks… and for myself. I’m taking this time to stock up on a few bits and pieces that I might not want to have to go out hunting for once there is a screaming newborn in my arms and there does seem to be some good sales on. I’m so excited to be back in normal clothes soon – but have been trying to get a few things during this pregnancy that will work for me once I’ve given birth. I’ve hardly bought anything with a maternity label in – and focused on finding things that look as though they might fit a bump in anyway and that I actually like for afterwards. I’ve also been stocking up on nice toiletries (allbeauty.com has some amazing deals on decleor night creams at the moment) I know that pampering kits to be able to use while home in PJs getting used to sleepless nights will be a huge help and anything to help you feel normal is worth the investment! I’m also trying to focus on the exciting bits of having a baby. Buying a few pretty things is really helping me focus on the good as I’m getting closer and closer to the day and I realise how nervous I really am about the birth. I’ve not forgotten my previous births and I know I really never wanted to have to do this again… but its just a while – (maybe less than a day, maybe a few days) of pain you cant believe possible and then it is over… but I am really frightened because I don’t cope well with it. I need to remember what I’m doing and why and letting myself get a bit excited should hopefully help me with that. 

One Born Every Minute starts again tonight. I cant decide if its a stupid idea to watch it or if it will gear me up. I’ve got 15 minutes to decide!!!


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