Advent Day 9

Ooh this was a fun activity! I’ve never done a kit like this before and feel excited that we’ve all learned a new skill. These were a kit in the Christmas 3 for 2 in Hobbycraft a while back. There were 2 little penguins to make which arrive in the form of some big balls of felt, a small pack of feet and wings and 2 egg shaped polystyrene pieces. I expected glue and creating a big sticky mess but no – you get 2 very long very thin needles and have to stab the fuzzy felt into the polystyrene over and over again and it kind of wedges itself in and stuck and the more you stab at it the flatter and more matted it gets and the more ‘penguinny’ it becomes. 
Its better if the children are not distracted by looking at other things as they stab themselves, as we found. It’s also better if they don’t jab the needle in and then snap it – which Elijah did within 5 minutes – having a needle each is easier than sharing one. But we were very happy with our two cute little penguins and they’ll make a lovely addition to the tree 🙂


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