Advent Day 7

Awww I loved our advent today. We’ve just made Christmas soap and have a few all wrapped up for gifts for teachers. We have so so so many teachers we have to get things for so it’s always mega important to get creative. On the odd occasion I’ve left it till last minute and gone out for bottles of wine I’ve needed an overdraft! These are sweet and were a fun activity to make. 
I found these perfectly sized little silicon molds in Lakeland. I’d been looking for some online for ages and am planning to do this activity for Holly’s 10th birthday party and lots of them are trays. I love these because there are 12 individual ones so they will be be perfect to give to each girl at the party so they can have their own space with theirs. I bought tubs of clear melting soap from hobbycraft and some scents and colours from ebay.
Holly microwaved the soap till it was all runny – its really easy to chop into little bits to do. Meanwhile Elijah grated some orange and lime peel and broke up a couple of sticks of cinnamon. We added a few drops of orange colouring to the soap liquid, and a few too many drops of cinnamon and orange scent. We added the bits of fruit peel, cinnamon and a few spoons of poppy seeds. (my mother in law gave me a soap with poppy seeds in last time she was here and I love it as a shower exfoliate) Then after a good mix up – but not too much that it makes lots of air bubbles (easier when not working with enthusiastic 7 and 9 year olds) and then pour into the molds and wait for it to set… and ready!


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