Advent Day 5

We went a little bit German for today’s advent. Holly’s been learning about the tradition of St Nicholas and how German children will leave a shoe out on the night of the 5th. They can put their lists inside for Father Christmas and he will collect them from the shoes and if the children have been good he may fill the shoe with goodies, like nuts, satsumas and chocolates…however the bad children will get STICKS AND TWIGS in theirs! Since our next door neighbour is from Germany we asked her more about it and she helped us out greatly (and sorted us a great delivery of walnuts, chocs and German biscuits) 
So todays activity was our craft pack to write our letters to Father Christmas. They each got a nice piece of paper and an envelope full of stickers and tags to decorate it. (and then the added bonus of squashing them into shoes instead of the normal trip to the postbox). 
If only Elijah would stop putting ‘A pet dog’ at the top of every single list he ever writes! I’ve told him Santas does NOT distribute pets but nothing will put him off! 


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