Advent Day 4

Sometimes I am amazed at how organised I am. I’m also, unfortunately, ridiculously forgetful. I’d just finished planning this years advent calender the other night and sent Joel to collect ‘Christmas’ from the loft. Amongst the billions of baubles, lights etc was a huge bag full of advent activities I’d collected from the dregs of the January sales last year – doh! How can I have organised it all already and then forgotten?!! How do things fall out of brains completely like that? Thus I was amazed at myself. Not entirely in a good way.
Christmas craft kits do tend to be overpriced little packs of things you could make yourself for so much cheaper – but quirky little packs when reduced to 20p after Christmas are really handy and last year there were obviously lots of them around. 
Today’s advent is one of those – a very basic indeed ‘Make your own crackers’ kit from the John Lewis sales. So basic that there aren’t even any cracking strips in it – in fact nothing to go in it but its been a couple of hours of fun making them, tying them, writing our own jokes from our best jokes book, sourcing a sweet and a toy from the party bag box that will fit inside. And voila – crackers! 
These are all made up now ready to use for something they don’t know about that they will unwrap another day!

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