Advent Day 3

Finally! Its tree day!! The car has been at the garage since last Friday so this advent treat has had to keep being moved back as they keep phoning to say there is more to be fixed. We’d debated carrying a tree home from somewhere local… but I’m pregnant and think not. So today I walked up to collet the children school and we set off walking home, telling them that I didn’t know if the car would be ready still. On the way home we passed a few 4×4’s and they kept saying ‘Ohhhh…I wish that was our car!” until we came to one closer to our house, where Joel had pulled over to wait for us, and when they clocked their Dad inside they were jumping beans all over the place and kissing the car. 
So the parcel was a bag of chocolate tree santas and the ‘trip token’ and off we went to choose the tree. I did not realise how difficult this would be. I am fussy about the tree, Joel is cautious about the needle dropping and the price  – the children are not supposed to care?! Well I chose a lovely tree – nice and tall, not too bushy at the bottom and sparse at the top, a blue type one so not too bright green… nice shape etc. They would not have it because it was too prickly!? It almost came to a big domestic but we finally narrowed it down to 2 trees – their choice and mine and on holding them for final decision time everyone voted for mine afterall saying it was much nicer to look at- so I was able to come home not in a bad mood. Not that I’m a control freak about it or anything. 
So they have decorated it to Christmas music after tea (and is all ready for me to move everything into the right places when they are asleep.)

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