Kitchen aid vs Kenwood chef

They are just so pretty.
Its a shame you would only really need one. If I owned the Great British Bake Off and needed to adorn each work station with a different colour it would bring happiness just to decide which ones looked the nicest together…but in real life I would only need one – which makes it less fun because in order to get one I would have to decide on JUST ONE COLOUR… and I have no idea which it should be! My kitchen is cream and wood so a cream one would certainly fit in nicely -but seems a bit boring. I’m quite tempted by the green…and the light blue, and bright pink. 
I’ve thought about this a lot… and at the end of each colour decision thought process comes the moment when you’ve decided which you want and then you have to face up to the reality that they are £400… and they ONLY make cakes. (well, yes and bread and meringue…but essentially – pudding) Can I really justify £400 on something that makes food essentially to make you fat? I would have to make too much cake in order to get my moneys worth. That’s not a good plan. I did try to justify it on the grounds that I make a lot of buns for PTA cake sales… again… not a £400 spend. 
My sensible friend Charlie (probably the most money-wise person I know) suggested the Kenwood chef was a much better buy. Nope, not as colourful but actually does a lot more foody stuff… which should probably have the advantage really? 
Well since they are both ridiculously expensive and I don’t have a spare £300-£450 its not really a decision I will ever need to make…? But no. Yesterday I was making my final decision on the Toombs family smoothie maker. This was the plan for family Christmas present. I don’t want a cheap one –  it needs to crush icy fruit every morning in time for ‘Smoothie Club’. Toombs ‘Smoothie Club’ was so much fun while it lasted. In the summer we made bags for the freezer of fruit we’d picked, grown and bought and each morning we’d pick out a bag and make with milk or orange juice. Each bag contained at least 360g of fruit so that it was at least 1/5 a day each and could be doubled with few extra bananas. We loved it until the blender (cheap one not hardcore enough to take the ice) started to produce the smell of burn. 😦 It wont make a smoothie any longer. Sometimes we have to chuck a few things in and endure the burn for the sake of making dinner – but it should be in the bin. ‘Smoothie Club’ is all off. 😦 (until Christmas day 🙂 )  I had a good one in my JL basket for about £90 and also knowing that I’d have to then save up for a processor before baby no.3 arrives. So wowzers that I happened to come across a nice shiny silver Kenwood Chef with £130 off – so £169. Not only does this give a Christmas gift to Smoothie club, it also has all the super (and slightly better rated cake mixiness) K-beating talents of the Kmix, and has a chopper attachment so that Joel can make all the Jamie Oliver meals he makes on a hungry night, AND baby will get their mushed up sweet potato. Win, win, win, win!
I am just a bit excited for its arrival. I’m surprisingly happy at my decision and even feel quite smug now when I look at the colour options of the kitchenaid. I don’t need to decide anymore…yet I know I’ll be able to make just as good cakes…when I need to…because the rest of the time I can be making uber healthy smoothies, chopped veg for dinners and lovely organic baby food. We may not have a kitchen as pretty as Mary Berry’s – but, way better, we’ll be a family full of good nutrients 🙂 
The hardest part is that its got to be wrapped in Christmas parcel paper on arrival for 22 more sleeps. All that Christmas baking I’ve got planned for advent is going to have to be with an old school bowl and wooden spoon!

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