Advent Day 2

The poor Christmas tree trip is put back again… I hope there are still some left by the time our car is fixed! I’m so jealous of the millions of facebook pics of peoples pretty twinkly trees. Hopefully soon! 
Today though we’re cosy and home. The Christmas music is playing and dinner is in the oven. We have the big table laid out with all the Christmas card options and today’s activity is writing our class cards. I love this activity. I love the importance of choosing exactly which card to choose for each friend. I remember that feeling when I was little (and I actually still do it now) but I love that Holly keeps asking for advice “Which one do you think Ava would like MOST?” (bffs get the very BEST card) and Elijah loves to write a mini essay in each one if they are either a best friend or if they sit next to him in a particular lesson.
They’re not going to like the fact I’m about to interrupt their happy little writing, ticking list bliss to feed them their tea.


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