My bag or my barclaycard?

I’m in a state of sadness. I will get over it but at the moment I am mourning the loss of my dream bag.
Yesterday I received an email from Harrods. Sometimes they say “shhhh – secret sale -just for our best customers!” Maybe they recognise that I like to spend a lot of time on their website (particularly when there’s a match on the TV) because I’m pretty sure my financial investment as a Harrods customer is not whats keeping them open. ‘Best’ is probably not the most accurate. Anyway -my email was an invitation to a 30% off preview… so it was only right to have a look at bags?! On the very last page I saw my dream Lanvin bag. Its the bag I have already costed out- many many times. I would have to miss out on 1000 chicken portions or 500 coffees or eat value potato only for 6 months to justify it. I can’t just spend a lot of money on something – but if I can add up lots of things that I can make myself miss out on then it makes it ok in my head. It would take too long to miss out on 1000 chicken meals or 500 coffees so I resigned to never getting that dream bag. 😦 UNTIL it was reduced by about 300 coffees on the Harrods site!? Really!? Normally with such a reduction I would decide it was fake…but I don’t think Harrods normally do things like fakes so I was quite excited and decided to wait until the sale preview actually started and see if I’d have to miss a few less coffees. (Why?!) There were 2 left. I nearly bought it at 3am, and at 6am and I waited. I took the children to school and when I got home I checked just to see if there were any more dream bags… and I took my dream bag to check out. I paid for my dream bag and I went to verify my payment and IT DIDN’T WORK AND IT HAD SOLD OUT!
I phoned and spoke to a nice customer service man at Harrods (I imagine he is sat at an old desk in a suit looking a bit like a butler, with a monocle) but he told me how he’d just had another phone call about the Lanvin bag but it had sold out as it was ‘such a good reduction’ (which made me even sadder… note to self to trust my bargain bag instincts quickly next time).
I am now torn between rebound impulse bag buying and being sensible. After all, I have missed my dream bag chance now. I need to fall madly in love with a different one and take that one STRAIGHT to check out?! But I have money set aside and its come into my head that I COULD actually make an extra barclaycard payment. What a thoroughly boring thought.
I’ve not blogged about my barclaycard before. I didn’t like to continue a blog which felt like an achievement of paying off my debts by then announcing lots more debt. But blaaa… it exists. I’ve said it. It arrived into my life when we miss calculated VAT on our house extension. Its not even full of fun spends (although the house is great – tax just doesnt seem quite so fun) So maybe the moral of my bag story is that I need to pay off £4000 of a barclaycard? 😦 ok. I will.


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