Easter Snow Day

Its been really hard to feel ‘springy’. I guess that makes sense because England has decided to remain in a Narnian style eternal winter and we need Aslan to rid us of the white witch so that we can have some nice weather. Its cold, its snowing…lots and I’ve struggled today to force myself into an Easter mode. At this stage of the year there is normally bight cheerful bunting and bunnies and chicks hanging from sticks all over the house. I can’t even make an Easter tree today as the pile of twigs isn’t locatable underneath all the snow.

So I decided to start today with an attitude check. Easter is more to do with Jesus and being thankful than it is to do with pastel shades, bluebells and daffodils so phase 1 of the move into Easter was to create a prayer wall. Time to get things into perspective.

These are just words printed onto sugar paper and cut down. I chose words that are interesting and should work to inspire creative ideas for messages. I’ve thrown all these into a big basket and left it on the chest by the blackboard wall with a pot of chalk and blue tack.
Then the idea is to pick out 1 or 2 words that you connect with and use them to construct a prayer message on the wall. Hollys message says Thank you for promising that we will be with you in heaven forever. We’ve been thinking a lot about eternity this week as a friend of mine sadly lost her little girl.   
Elijah’s prayer ‘ You are strong and you rule the world.

 The idea was to have this wall to add to all the way through Easter. Within 30 mins of taking these pictures they’d already pretty much filled it!

The other bonus of being snowed in is that we have had plenty of time to get crafty and get on with the kids projects for the decorated egg competition for later this week. I have very much stepped back and let them get on with this. They can’t look as through a fussing mother has interfered and taken over… so the easiest way to achieve that look is not to interfere or take over. Its REALLY hard, yes, but if you just stick to pinning bunting around the walls and hanging bunnies and prayer walls then it keeps your mind off it and passes the time far quicker.  

Elijahs’ ScalEGGstric track. He’s mid making little racing cars out of eggs and lots of my decopatch glue!

She loves her idea this year… it makes her laugh whenever she thinks about it.
Almost done. I had to tweet this to Ant and Dec. Tomorrow we’re onto the bonnet making!!

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