Low sugar bread and butter pudding

 This looks a BIT like sick…? Nope though – its challenge no 1 of the less processed, less sugar, less money experiment (oh and its going to be bread and butter pudding)

I’m getting the children fully on board with everything we eat and all the decisions to cut out certain things. I don’t want them to become children who say ‘no I can’t drink fizzy pop because my mum doesn’t like it’ I want them to decide if they would like to drink fizzy pop being aware of the nutritional facts… and in engaging them fully in low sugar food preparation I’m also teaching them to cook and will be training all of our tastes to be less addicted to sugar.

 Here is the original recipe but I’ve taken Dr Lustig’s advice and given this recipe only 1/3 of the amount of sugar and its brown and unrefined. I’ve also gone a couple of steps further in using granary bread rather than brown or white and I’ve ONLY used crusts. I basically had a couple of empty bags of crusts left over that would have gone moldy and been binned rather than anyone be gracious enough to eat them… so this has used them all up. I also did 2/3 of the milk and 1/3 water. Oh and I didn’t use extra butter for the dish (which is more to do with forgetting it). I added in a few chopped dates to the dried fruit in case I’ve gone a bit overboard in reducing the sugar in light of it being granary… but voila…a wholesome pudding which should fill up a hungry family on a very cold and snowy march day! I’m going to serve with a bit of double cream. Packet custard has always sent my children crazy and is full of the baddies I’m trying to get away from and making custard from scratch is not something I feel like doing often. Cream will be best and less sugary too. I’m hoping this will be a good desert to have tonight as we’re having a very low carb dinner and was a bit worried they wouldn’t be full. I think this should help 🙂

Well for a mixture of stale bread crusts, egg, water, milk, a bit of butter and brown sugar you can’t really beat these scores from my honest critics. 10, 10 and 9.9. The 0.1 deduction was because some of the fruit on the top got a little burnt so Mr Toombs says it will be even better next time. 1 sucessful low sugar sucess. 🙂


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