Food Processing

I’ve been processing so many food thoughts these past few days. Credit where credits due to being 45 mins of the way through Dr Robert Lustig’s teaching on sugar on youtube and to Joann Bruso with her Happy Meal experiment. This lady has a 4 year old happy meal which still looks like a new one! Even more credit due to the games of ‘Theme Park’ I used to play when ‘Theme Park’ was one of the only games available on very old fashioned computers. I learned back then that in order to boost your drink sales you put more salt in the food to make your visitors thirsty and then watered down the coke to make it cheaper. Ever since then I’ve known burgers and coke are a scam. So being educated that coke is pumped with salt to make you thirsty as you drink it, caffeine to make you pee so that you need more and then sugar and sugar and more sugar to mask the taste of the salt that shouldn’t really be in a drink in the first place doesn’t really surprise me… I would expect things have progressed since the days of Theme Park – so understandably so has the scamming. What does surprise me is that people buy into it and fall for it.

There is so much information to digest. I guess some people ignore it because it all seems so overwhelming. All of Dr Robert Lustig’s teaching about how we’ve been advised to cut down on fat so in doing so have replaced it with too much sugar and then all the ways foods are processed… it leaves you wondering what foods we can buy that contain any nutritional content whatsoever.
Actually that’s kind of freeing and I like it. If most of what is available to us is rubbish then surely we are free from it and can just ignore it all. Why do I need to cram my cereal cupboard full of 15 different choices of breakfast food (and potatoes because for some reason they share a cupboard) I can just have a bag of porridge oats? Just because we are used to being bombarded with choice doesnt mean we have to channel that value into our own homes and into our children’s attitudes. All we need is a few grains, pulses, and the basic wholesome ingredients with as much variety of fruit and veg as possible… and think about what an organised kitchen this would give us?! Just imagine no more packets balancing on tins and when you feel something falling out by reaching to the back of the cupboard and pray like mad it wasn’t a glass jar. Ohhh a simple cupboard sounds amazing! Well I am keen to work out how easy this really is and I am particularly optimistic about the effect it may have on our spending. Although maybe that’s because I’m starting this experimenting by cooking a pudding with stuff that was ready for the bin…?! See next blog for results!


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