The things I do not need

I’ve realised I spend a lot of time shopping. Working in town makes it easy to pop to the shops in a lunch time and all these cold winter nights have been mainly filled with trawling the internet for nice things I want to buy while Joel normally watches some show about extreme challenges or football. I’m good at bargain hunting and stalking the sales but when I go to the shops and come back with a few nice things I have begun to decide almost strait away that I don’t like them THAT much and then I take them all back. Its generally ok as a time wasting hobby. Some people play on Clash of the Clans but I visit shops, give them my money, feel a bit happy, then take it back and get my money back a few days later when it re-credits my account and I feel like they’ve paid me.
We’re perhaps on the brink of one of the biggest financial challenges we’ve ever faced right now though and I’m having to rigidly plan and organise where every penny goes and I do think it may be helpful if I spend less time on the Selfridges website and maybe a little more time stockpiling lasagnes or something more useful. I’ve explained already to Joel that I am much safer stalking a £900 dress that I could never actually justify than having 20 mins wandering round Primark and coming out with an actual deficit of £100 and a bag full of jumpers with holes in or leggings with cartoons on (because for a moment I forgot I was over 30 and ought to at least think about dressing like a grown up).
What I’ve decided to do is to write a list. Lists are ALWAYS the thing to do – they solve EVERYTHING and always help. My list is going to be Things I do NOT need. I figured I might need one of these since the things I come home with in bags that I have to take back are quite often black dresses of a similar variety. My bedside draw is full of moisturisers. Every flower that God ever created for this earth in every continent will be represented on one of my summer tops or dresses… so maybe I keep buying all the same things by accident – that I do NOT need – and this is always instead of a practical short cardigan with long sleeves that I always forget to buy but need to put on most days and do NOT have!
So… I do NOT need..
A coat – at all.
A maxi dress (because days you can wear a maxi dress in this country are about an eighth of the number of maxi dresses I already have and could wear on those days)
A denim jacket
Black dresses
Actually any dresses (I’m going to regret saying that one and I can not promise to keep to it)
Ugg boots – even if its a really good deal and they are genuine)
Moisturisers – when my L’occitaine one runs out I will ignore the temptation for more because my organic Neals Yard one is also super amazing and then I have at least 10 Clinique bonus time ones and full size to get through!
Accessorize window displays (Lets face it, a house can become a bit to full of themed cardboard. Less is more)
Then lets be brutally honest I do not need any jumpers, Christmas jumpers (because 4 is already more than enough),  leggings, jeans, pyjamas, skirts or shirts.

I do, however, quite need some matching socks, the sensible cardigan ooh and some cotton wool. Maybe when I’ve made a few lasagnes I can treat myself to a bit of quality time on stalking the best cotton wool deals?


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