My beautiful new bookshelf

Hurrah for the arrival of my new REAL furniture. I think its a thing that comes with age, a new level of maturity or just that you finally have a house packed full of ikea and so when you only need to buy one or two new things you can actually afford to look beyond flat pack. Either way… I felt very grown up ordering my new book case from a real place. I did order it in plain untreated pine – I still have to be involved in the making process somehow if I’m not fixing it all together so I decided I’d paint and stain it all myself.
So I used this woodstain to match it to the new dining table (also real grown up furniture) called Georgian Medium Oak and made it all a nice brown inside… 
And then painted the outside and the shelves in this chalk white. At this stage I am happy with my creation. They are my new shelves and I now I can play around making them look pretty!…
See how much fun you can have putting a few choice items here and there… a basket of ribbon, some potpourri, some aesthetically pleasing books and a strategically placed magazine or two to make it look homely and effortless and ‘lived in’ … 🙂
And then reality hits when I turn to the storage box of books I actually bought the shelves for… the downside of living with a male are all the ugly male belongings they come with that no matter how badly designed the covers are – they just don’t care (maybe he can’t see?) So my beautiful new bookshelf has been destroyed with hideously font-ed bright ugly boy books. What a sad tale of woe.



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