DIY Ruby Red Slippers

There’s no place like home. Because of that we thought we’d make our own ones at home 🙂
These are almost shiny enough. I picked them up at Sainsburys in one of their regular 25% off sales but they’re not glittery and ruby red slippers are nothing if no red, shiny AND glittery… but that’s easy enough to take care of. One big tub of red glitter, decopatch glue and a paintbrush and off we go…


 This glue is great because it dries shiny and clear so a coat underneath and a coat over the top means they feel smooth and less likely to all rub off when worn. 
I gave up control on these and let Holly go ahead and make them herself. If a job involves sprinkling glitter into glue its probably not a job for a 33 year old when there’s a willing and enthusiastic 8 year old to hand. For that reason they’re not the neatest things in the world but I can be OCD another day when I make some for myself!



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