Happy and sad points

I am CRAVING goodness. Today I went to work and sat for most of the day on a seat, in a room of no natural daylight and a mini heater blasting out fake hotness for 8 hours and worked mainly on a computer with a few breaks to tidy up and sort out what I like to call ‘real things’ so that I can add at least some movement into my day. The highlight was carrying some heavy bags to a charity shop which gave me fresh air, exercise,  daylight and the feel good factor of doing something positive… and then going back to eat my lunch which was my wholesome homemade soup from yesterday. By tea time I could hardly keep my eyes open and I know I’ve consumed 2 cups of tea and 2 strong coffees to keep me going. That’s not good. I’ve also watched the news, which was a list of at least 4 murder cases then a film about someone who’s husband dies… and then embarrassing fat bodies. 😦 For the positive team I had a really lovely message from a girl who Golddigger Trust worked with a few years ago which was out of the blue and completely upped the happy points by about a million but other than that the happy :)/sad 😦 balance is not so good today. Not nearly enough of the good things I need.
Tomorrow morning we’re up early for pancake breakfast… is allowed on ACTUAL pancake day. Then time to decide on lent. I was going to do what I did last year and give up chocolate but after today I’d quite like to give up sad films, dark rooms, sitting still, working on a computer, the news, processed foods and maybe even be REALLY brave and give up tea and coffee. All of this would be worth it for the happy points I would get from ridding these things from life. Excitingly we’re viewing a new office tomorrow so I may actually be able to give up the dark room and evil heater soon soon soon!

P.s I totally missed off my favorite thing – a snowy walk to school with my babies this morning – lots of fresh air, real snow and how many people get to walk past fields of sheep on their way to school every day 🙂
But just now, in preparation for a happy activity tomorrow, I just accidentally emptied all the coppers from my purse all over the bottom of my bag. Also earlier on today I accidentally emptied my pack of sugar free rhubarb and custard M&S sweets all over the bottom of my bag. We have a sweets, crumbs, coins situation so I think the sweets are a right-off 😦


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