Gardening Club

Well the meal planning is going kind of strong. Since my last post we (as in Joel) made a good £6 risotto which was plenty for 2 nights (I can do this without a calculator…£3 a night) and its a good risotto too – with butternut squash and chicken, a few cashews, celery, garlic and onion. I used the leftover squash to make a spicy butternut and roast red pepper soup with a few carrots, potatoes, onions, a red chilli, a roast red pepper and a ‘tinse’ of cream. So the spending is going well… on food. We have a new craze however. This new craze has led to us getting a bit carried away and spending more than we should and the £300 I put in our groceries and petrol account is now down to £72.80 and its just the 10th of the month! :S Ooooops! Anyway… our new craze is indeed Gardening Club!! Now that all the hard work is done on the bit of land that we bought and are morphing into our side garden its time to have some fun with it. Joel has managed to dig out all the forest of spiky bushes and sticky weed that was there and made it nice and flat and planted a hedge round the outside. So now all the boring bit is done we thought we could start our Gardening Club. We have a list of veg we want to grow, fruit tree ideas and our favorite flowers in our ‘GC Notebook’. Last Sunday was week 1. We went out to B&Q and bought a border. I told Joel which plants I’ve hated since we bought our house, he dug them up, broke a 4th fork but they are gone. Elijah found worms to put into the compost and then we planted bluebells and snowdrops.
We came in and planned more including a trip to another few gardening shops on Friday after school to get a few more things for next weeks Gardening Club…and this is why our money for food has disappeared!

Unfortunately it snowed today on Gardening Club day so we didn’t do any digging or planting but we are now the proud owners of some shiny new diggers and forks (mini size) some bulbs and seeds to grow potatoes, asparagus (!) rhubarb, and onions… oh and a whole apple tree!
Please please don’t snow or miserably rain next Sunday.


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