Tonights tea… £5.39

Be prepared… this may be the dullest thing you have ever read… I am about to work out how much my dinner cost. Yep. Smiley face 🙂

For tea tonight we had baked potato. 8 in a pack for 2.60 =  32 and a half p. each and we had 3. So 97.5p for those.
1 tin of beans between us for 40p – nope, not Heinz
3 mini corn on the cobs at 20p each = 60p total
and about 100g of value cheese – probably about 60p’s worth.
That’s £2.575 for the whole of our dinner for 4 people. So 64p each. Its also surprisingly filling as this was our tea strait after swimming lessons so it is a particularly hungry night.

Then I made a mango and apple strudel for pudding – which is everso exotic and posh as it has mango in it. I had some pastry in the freezer (I did not make it because I have a job and children and pastry is fattening and unhealthy anyway so justifies the cheating) but that was about £1.20. Then I chopped up a £1 mango and a 61.5p cooking apple and cooked with a spoon of brown sugar and a bit of cinnamon and made into strudel shape and baked.
So that pudding cost £2.815! That seems quite a lot. Is it? I hope that I wouldn’t have been better off buying a strudel instead – although I can appreciate that we would have got 2/5 a day of fresh (but cooked) fruit packed into this one and I’m quite pleased that there’s enough left over to put into tomorrows packed lunches for the children- which should score me good mummy points with the lunchtime supervisors at school. Home baked Strudel VS pack of Jaffa Cakes? Well Strudel is the clear winner. We are NOT allowed any processed items in packed lunches. No chocolate bars, no mini cheddar’s, no crisps. This is good because I don’t buy any of these things and instead of looking like the alternative, non-conformist, hippie family we actually instead look like the good ones who read their parent letters and follow the rules.

:O Strudel news!! It turns out my strudel costs double the amount I could have paid. Sainsburys has an offer to get TWO for £2.50. BUT get this list of ingredients of just the filling!!… “Filling contains: Apples (81%), Sugar, Sultana (7%), Thickeners: Potato Starch, Sodium Alginate, Calcium Alginate; Wheat Flour, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid; Water, Cinnamon Powder, Flavouring, Salt, Yeast.Glaze contains: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Palm Fat.” WHAT are all those things?!! Mine had non of that thick stuff or palm fat or any of those scary sounding things from the Periodic Table… but it did have mango. So mine wins 🙂


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