Camping Party ‘Boy is 6’


Having a pre- building site bit of land next to the house last summer came in handy for our muddy Jubilee party but even more so for Elijah’s 6th Camping themed birthday party. It was great to have a big space, mainly mud and room for a huge tent for a party for the whole class in the middle of July. It ended up that we only used the house for loo trips and kept the carnage for outside. Still a little young for sleepovers with his school friends, he finished off the day with a fab campfire and sleep-out with just his very-best-friend – Daddy. Meanwhile Holly and I had the 4 poster bed, popcorn and DVDs and were quite happy with that deal.
The party was so much fun though. We stuck to a few classic games, made a big kerplunk-type game, a cardboard archery set, bug hunts, treasure hunts and had loads of crafts. The older sisters LOVED being in charge of the Lemonade Stall and the party bags (the red Dick Whittington style sacks on sticks) were my fave yet! Inside those was a bag of trail mix, a torch, a bag of marbles and a toy jungle animal.

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Girls working hard on the Lemonade Stall
We made the party bags with garden cane and red fabric. Each one contained Trail Mix, a torch, a lolly, some toy animals and the girls got notebooks, the boys got a bag of marbles. 

Elijah got to be chief Trail Mix maker and had lots of fun mixing mini marshmallows, chocolate raisins, cereal and a few sweets and toffees



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