The Queens Diamond Jubilee Party

The home brew!
Our little British brick BBQ!

I absolutely loved throwing a party for the Queens Jubilee. I just watched her give a Diamond Jubilee message on TV and in that she said thank you to all the people who have joined in the celebrations with her. Its not like we were on the streets of London waving flags at her – and its not as though we shared fond memories of her reign throughout the 10 hours we were going…but I like to think that the queen is a bit like the mum of the country – and mums are always happy when their children are getting on well and spending time together?! So she would have fondly loved our little muddy gathering!


The theme is ridiculously easy – red, white and blue napkins, straws, cake and, of course, ridiculous amounts of bunting. We tied photo frames of pictures of the queen onto the trees with string, made up jugs of Pimms, a home brew and a few local beers, BBQ’d British burgers and asked everyone to bring something British along. Easy-peasy to host and its always fun to see what people will bring… we had an amazing mix of mini roast dinners in yorkshire puddings, union jack pizza, egg sandwiches, strawberries and cream, scones, strawberry vodka jellies, chocolate guinness cake, Coronation chicken, red white and blue cake pops, eaton mess… what an amazing country we are! Joel built a mini climbing wall onto the side of some old shed panels, put up a slack line between 2 trees and these kept the kids busy at the opposite side of the garden to the BBQ and fire. We made an extensive playlist on spotify of all our fave old British bands…what could be a better excuse for some Elastica, Carter USM, Pet Shop Boys, Blur and East 17?!

DIY climbing wall out of an old shed.
SO MANY people were impressed with the party wine glasses. These things are the easiest thing in the world!! Basically those horrid disposable plastic cups cost a small fortune. These value wine glasses cost just over 25p each (the disposable ones only a few pence less) and then I dipped the base in blackboard paint. Guests can write their name on in chalk and then they wont lose their glass. Saves on washing up and is much easier to find yours than those wine glass charms. I do the same with these old tonic bottles for kids parties. Dead cheap and easy enough to store, look a million times nicer than disposable ones and of course they are more eco friendly!

DIY outfits.

Holly and I had fun making our matching outfits. A primark kids dress each for £6, a red fabric rose, a few flags off the end of the bunting and our hunter wellies because it was very very muddy! God save our very beautiful Queen!


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