New shoes

Joel and I don’t go shopping together often. On the rare occasion that we shop we end up stood debating new shoes for Joel. Today was the same. I asked him to come to the shops with me as I wanted to get a dress I liked. That was ok because then I would accompany him to B&Q to get some brackets. The dress I wanted wasn’t there and Joel once again said “Do you think I should get some new shoes to replace these?” “These” refers to Joel’s ‘best’ and ‘smart’ shoes that have had this status actually since last century. He keeps ‘replacing them’ but with shoes that are of a different variety and so can’t bring himself to throw throw them out. Today I think we have achieved the relevant replacement and I think, after many years of faithful service, these ones can finally leave the building!

Ewwww and good riddance! (and £100 sketchers reduced to £36 with some free protector spray!)

£3048.51 D I am so very close to being in the 2000’s 🙂


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