Back again

Its been a while Mr Blog. I’m kind of sorry and I’ve kind of avoided writing on purpose. This last couple of months has been a tough one to get our heads round money-wise and the emotions of dealing with redundancy – basically – have been enough to just get on with without wanting to sit down and process it into words. Some days its been better for me to switch off, deal with what we have and how things are now and bury my head in the sand. However… I think we’re in a rhythm that I can deal with, if only for the next 3 months, and then on with the next part of the journey!

So my new bedtime is 11pm. Gone are the days where I force myself to get in bed at 2am slightly dreading how that will feel when I get to the 7.30 alarm and a day that begins with shouting at children to hurry up and get ready for school. So here’s to hoping that sitting in bed at 11pm I might allow myself 10 mins to write a blog post.

I’m about to make this months credit card payment… new total coming in the next post which I will do after facewash and teeth clean.


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