3 bits of info:
£7111.93 D
We have no funding for my job.
I’m a little bit scared.

On the plus side – the debt hasn’t grown. It does seem to be taking a long time to shift but then if I think back to the first stage of my blog my target seemed just as big as this and it was only to pay off £1,500… so of course the beginning numbers came down quicker – the beginning numbers of this target are all thousands so- yeah- it will take just a bit longer!
So we were gutted this week to have got a no about our grant application that was right into the very final stage and the feedback was looking so positive. It would have solved so many things and been so amazing for Golddigger as it would have resourced us to open our centre in town up to host girls courses, open a drop in and to start some very much needed work in town with some very vulnerable girls being targetted for sex trafficking. The reality is I actually am worried more at the prospect of NOT being able to do this work than the prospect of not having any stable income as a family. So I just don’t really understand the whole rubbish situation. Still -we believe we should be doing this and so I have made it a parallel target (whilst paying off £7111.93) to raise 24,000 by the start of October so that we can at least start the project we’ve planned. I hate fundraising – its not something that uses anything in my natural skill base and I have no idea where to start – but enough of resenting the fact that I have to do something because there is no one else to do it – the story of so many charities – and somehow Beth and I will find it somewhere! £24,000 can’t actually be that hard to find can it!?

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