On good recommendation I tried again shopping at Aldi this week. I don’t normally bother with it because I spend too long looking at packets trying to work out whether they really are cheap or just a lot smaller than what I’d get in Tesco. I’m still really unconvinced. I ended up buying some really cheap mangos, blueberries and rhubarb which I don’t tend to go near on a low budget month and I didnt even bother with cheese and milk as I knew they were more expensive in Aldi. So I then had to go do another shop for all the Tesco value things and ended up fed up of shopping and forgetting to buy toothpaste and tea bags. I then ended up having to go for those later on at the local coop and spent double what I would have in Tesco. I think I like it when i just go to one place and buy everything! One good thing though was that the children found a quid on the floor. They took it to the Aldi lady and she let them keep it for being honest – 50p each for theose 2! Rumour has it they take it off you at Tesco!


  1. you should try lidl instead. i do my shop half lidl and have tesco and def cheaper that way. certain things are much much cheaper in lidl/aldi and other things are more expensive, so shopping just there is not cheapest. milk is cheaper in lidl, £1 for 4 pints. eggs 85p for 6 free range eggs are a real bargain and much nicer eggs than supermarket ones and yes lots of their veg/fruit is often on offer for really cheap prices. the other good things are wafer thin ham- if you buy for kids sandwiches, gammon steaks for an easy dinner, spaghetti, rice, cous cous. frozen peas, part bake rolls, fruit juice often on half price offer. There are other things too, but those are my staples, oh and quiches which are £1 and much nicer than tesco and i divide in to 2 lots of packed lunches instead of a sandwich on some days.


  2. I'll have to google a lidl – Im not sure where the nearest one of those is – apart from near meadowhall which is quite a trek for a supermarket trip. Yes I think I need to write them all down to work out which things to get where!


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